In rich countries, the major driver of healthcare improvement is big Pharma, but where end-users have no money to pay for its products, it cannot intervene. A vicious circle of deprivation hinders the development of an indigenous Pharma industry responsive to local needs.

As a non profit organization, the Mintaka Foundation can be the missing link, leading to a better use of actual solutions that stay underused for the wrong reasons.


1) Conduct Research

We conduct our own research or validate findings to find innovative, purpose-designed solutions to answer to unmet medical needs in developing countries. The medical solutions are cheap, purposeful, efficient and adjusted to the end-user.


2) Build Partnerships

We build partnerships with diverse types of organizations internationally and regionally. From pharmaceutical companies, consultants and experts to local NGOs and governments partnerships, we grow together to achieve global output.


3) Disseminate ethically

We work with regional partners toward the transfer of manufacture and distribution to developing countries. The medicine and technologies are produced locally and distributed by regional partners.

2Financial sustainability

4) Financial sustainability

We out-license our products and technologies to big Pharma for exploitation in developed countries as well as a step towards sustainable funding.

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